Wind or lack of maintenance?

Vent et maintenance

Wind and ist consequences

In February 2020, Belgium witnessed one of the strongest storms of the decade: the storm Ciara. Due to a wind speed of more than 100km/h hitting the country, many accidents were reported in different parts of the country. If most of the incidents implied limited damages, like trees and lighting poles uprooting, a few accidents could have led to much more dramatic consequences.

Among these accidents, a part of a building façade collapsed in the Boulevard du Midi, in Brussels. 20 people were evacuated. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the event… the consequences clearly could have been more dramatic…

What was the cause of this accident?

Extreme wind velocity has probably triggered the collapse, but is it really the only cause? Would a lack of maintenance be an aggravating factor?


Effondrement façade

Could this accident have been avoided?

It is impossible to predict the exact behaviour of a structure when subjected to extreme conditions. Nevertheless, the probability of happening can be limited by monitoring the condition of the façade. An adapted Maintenance Plan and routine Inspections are key aspects to detect early weaknesses and reduce the risks of accidents.

How can Constru-Care help you?

Constru-Care provides services of Diagnostic, Inspection, Monitorign and Technical Maintenance of buildings.

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