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Our Services

Our Services


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02 424 18 85

Constru-Care offers a range of services related to the analysis, renovation or modification of existing structures.

Our services are customised, innovative and flexible to best meet your needs and requirements.

Our services are intended for architects, engineering offices, project managers, infrastructure managers or project owners.

Industrial facilities
Structure portuaire
Hydraulique & portuaire

Localized or generalized expertise following the appearance of defects. Get a clear diagnosis and a concrete and realistic action plan

Testing and sounding campaigns to determine the state of health or the mechanical and geometric characteristics of a structure

Advice and implementation of a monitoring system. Follow the behaviour of your structure and intervene at the right moment

Prescription and proactive follow-up of repair works. Ensure the quality of the intervention and the profitability of your investment

Setting up and monitoring a maintenance plan. Control the condition of your property, limit maintenance costs and extend its life

Expertise for a localized damage or a complete audit. Get a clear diagnosis and a concrete and realistic action plan.

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