Inspection of industrial structures

Inspection of industrial structures

Inspection of industrial structures


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Industrial structure Inspection

Inspection structure industrielle

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Flowchart inspection

Inspection campaign preparation

Inspection campaign realisation

Diagnostic, rapportage et plan d?actions

Réalisation d'analyse structurale

Why us?

  • Our inspection, diagnosis and analysis services, in close collaboration with approved labs, enable us to draw up a clear picture of the condition of your work
  • Our knowledge and experience in the study of structures, inspection methods, materials and applicable standards, allow us to setup priorities and an adapted planning of actions
  • Our flexibility and reactivity allows us to bring you concrete and realistic technical solutions within short deadlines and with a very competitive budget.

Why is it important to inspect?

When a damage is observed, it is strongly recommended that, before starting any work, the causes, the degradation process and the extent of the damage be identified and assessed. By skipping this identification step, the repair can result ineffective and unsustainable.     

Certaines situations inquiètent les usagers ou les propriétaires au regard des dangers encourus. Une campagne d?inspections et d?essais livre les éléments de base pour évaluer le niveau de risque et établir rapidement un plan d’actions.

En vue de mieux évaluer l?ampleur d?une campagne de réparation, il peut être conseillé de mener une campagne d?investigation plus poussée. Les résultats qui en ressortent donnent au propriétaire/gestionnaire une information précieuse sur laquelle il peut s?appuyer pour prendre des décisions stratégiques vis-à-vis du bien. Le cas échéant, cette information permettra une prescription plus précise de la réparation et une limitation des risques de surprises lors de l?exécution.

Key points for an effective inspection?

Before launching an inspection, it is crucial to understand the situation. How old is the structure? In what environment is it located? What is its function? Are original documents such as drawings available? This valuable information allows to prepare an effective inspection campaign with exploitable results.

The simplest inspections and tests often yield sufficient results. When this is not the case, in complex situations or because one wants to know more about the extent of the defect, it is possible to carry out a more extensive test campaign. In any case, the preparation of an adequate inspection campaign requires careful preparation and, in particular, the analysis of the available information. Who would want to end up with an expensive inspection and testing campaign with useless results?

A construction that shows defects can be likened to a patient who has symptoms. A good diagnosis requires a thorough technical knowledge of structures, materials and degradation phenomena. Beyond this knowledge, more specific situations may arise. It is then based on real-life cases, on experience, that the correct diagnosis can be made.

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