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Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans


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Constru-Care offers a range of services related to the analysis, renovation or modification of existing structures.

Our services are personalised, innovative and flexible to best meet your questions and needs.

These services are intended for Architects, Design offices, Project Managers, Infrastructure managers or Project Owners.

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The advantages of Preventive Maintenance?

By setting up a methodology and adequate monitoring tools (regular inspections, periodic measurements, archiving, reporting), it is possible to know in "near real time" the condition of the asset and its evolution.

Real-time knowledge of the condition of your property and its evolution allows you to assess the risks associated with its ageing. Major risks, when they appear, are thus identified quickly and measures can be taken before defects have a significant impact on the operability/use of the asset.

Real-time knowledge of the condition of one's asset and its evolution allows planning interventions in full awareness of the situation. 

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