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Residential or office building. But also administrative, educational, sports, leisure, cultural buildings, etc.

Icone ouvrage d'art


Bridge, viaduct, footbridge, aqueduct, tunnel and other buried structures, retaining wall, etc.

Industrial structure

Factory, cooling tower, purification or treatment plant, marine structure, etc.

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Why us?

  • Increased knowledge of the latest standards and methodologies relating to construction maintenance.
  • A permanent search for improvement. We are constantly adapting our tools according to specific situations and requests as well as the possibilities offered by new technologies.
  • A "customer-oriented" approach. Your needs and objectives are our priority. We adapt to offer you tools that best meet your expectations.

The advantages of Preventive Maintenance?

By setting up a methodology and adequate monitoring tools (regular inspections, periodic measurements, archiving, reporting), it is possible to know in "near real time" the condition of the asset and its evolution.

Real-time knowledge of the condition of your property and its evolution allows you to assess the risks associated with its ageing. Major risks, when they appear, are thus identified quickly and measures can be taken before defects have a significant impact on the operability/use of the asset.

Real-time knowledge of the condition of one's asset and its evolution allows planning interventions in full awareness of the situation. 

What makes a Maintenance Plan effective?

The "longevity" of an asset is usually the ultimate goal. However, this "longevity" is a global notion that includes many aspects: operability, safety, comfort, aesthetics, etc. The precise definition of the objectives, priorities and desired limits of Maintenance is essential.

The stakes associated with an apartment building and those associated with a suspension bridge located on a strategic axis are obviously not identical. The Maintenance Plan and monitoring tools must be adapted to the complexity, sensitivity and challenges associated with the concerned assets.  

The rigorous follow-up of the Maintenance Plan, the systematic archiving, the updating of the action plan form, together, a methodological approach making it possible to have, permanently, a clear vision on the condition of its asset and a great decision-making reactivity.  

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