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Advanced expertise, professionalism and passion


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Building Repair

Residential or office building. But also administrative, educational, sports, leisure, cultural buildings, etc.

Icone ouvrage d'art

Bridge Repair

Bridge, viaduct, footbridge, aqueduct, tunnel and other buried structures, retaining wall, etc.

Industrial structure Repair

Factory, cooling tower, purification or treatment plant, marine structure, etc.

Inspection ouvrage art

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Why us?

  • Our inspection, monitoring and analysis services, in close collaboration with approved laboratories, allow us to provide you with a clear picture of the condition of your asset.
  • Our knowledge and experience in the study of structures, inspection methods, materials and applicable standards, allow us to setup priorities and an adapted planning of actions
  • We share our field experience to enable you to limit the technical, contractual, planning or financial risks that accompany any repair work.

Why repair?

Many phenomena that cause damage evolve exponentially. An early repair may stop the phenomenon and avoid a heavy intervention or even a repair that has become impossible.

Even when the integrity of the work is not in question, some damage may be the direct or indirect cause of safety, health or environmental problems. The fall of a piece of concrete, the corrosion of a guardrail or water infiltration are examples.

In some cases, a structure that has been poorly maintained or subjected to unforeseen or accidental conditions can become dangerous. It is then essential to intervene to maintain its integrity and avoid any risk.  

What is a good repair?

A quality repair requires taking precautions. The durability of a repair is intimately dependent on several factors.

The repair is highly dependent on the phenomenon causing the damage and the extent and progress of the damage.

Methods and materials are nowadays the subject of standards, certificates and reference publications. A careful study and a clear and precise specification of the methods and materials guarantee a smooth execution.

Compliance with prescribed methods and careful use of materials, following the supplier's instructions, are essential to the durability of the repair. The supplier's guarantee also depends on the correct application of the repair materials.

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